2012, 0(6) 4-7 DOI:     ISSN: 1007-2284 CN: 42-1419/TV

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HYPROP System, Unsaturated Hydraulic Conductivity, Soil Water Characteristic Curve
YU Xiao-Lei
HUANG Shuang
HUANG Jie-Sheng
Article by Yu,X.L
Article by Huang,s
Article by Peng,Z.B
Article by Huang,J.S

Using HYPROP System to Measure Hydraulic Conductivity and Soil Water Characteristic Curve


HYPROP System can continuously measure both soil water characteristic curve and unsaturated hydraulic conductivity(K(h)) at same tine within low water tension area. But HYPROP System fail to work within high pressure range. Therefore, it is unreliable to extrapolate the soil water characteristic curve within high water tension area. Contraposing this shortage , the soil water cotent at high pressure(15×103hPa) were measured using Centrifugal Method. Based on Van GenuchtenMualem model, the soil water characteristic curve were evaluated using the data from HYPROP System and one control points from Centrifugal Method. Three test soil sanples were tested in this paper. The results showed:1) adding a control points at high water tension made the extrapolation of Soil Water Characteristic Curve more reliable;2) the pressure range that HYPROP System can measure K(h) of soil is narrow. Also, to better evaluate the parameters , saturated hydraulic conductivity(Ks ) should be provided.

Keywords HYPROP System, Unsaturated Hydraulic Conductivity, Soil Water Characteristic Curve  
Received 2012-01-31 Revised 2012-03-12 Online: 2012-11-15 
Corresponding Authors:
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